Bruno Angelo, Pelotas, Brazil, b. 1985.

Photo: José Bravo.

I’m the only musician in my familiy. My father has always been an enthusiast of euroclassical music, so I pretty much started learning the piano because of him. It took some time until I was comfortable playing this instrument, but at some point I decided that I actually liked it, and so I kept going on my own, to the point that I pursued and eventually achieved a doctor’s degree in musical composition. But I would not tag my music as “classical”, even though I might have some Beethoven residue deep in my aural background.

My mother is a sort of diletant visual artist, one with a restless mind, inventing concepts and techniques all the time. I feel that I didn’t get her sensibility and unease behaviour to the world until very recently, as I myself started to venture outside music, looking for other ways of expression, particularly through writing, drawing and video making. One thing led to another, and I currently find it difficult to define myself strictly as a musician. I prefer to think of my role in this world as that of an artist who happens to work with sound. This means that sound (and not only music) is the raw material upon which I usually try to build and comprehend realities, and also relate myself to people around me.

Listen to Guaíba River, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

I was born in a brazilian town named Pelotas, close to the border between Brazil and Uruguay, but I lived most of my adult life in Porto Alegre, which is a provincial capital at the south of Brazil. I have spent some time in Buenos Aires, and I currently live in Madrid, Spain.

Even though I also create poems, images or whatever, sound and music are my home. I am currently looking for my path through the intersections amongst the so called “artistic disciplines”, and that is why I moved to Madrid and embarked in a Master in Arts and Art Professions at Sur Escuela. My interests involve working with small things (microsounds, daily and unpretensious gestures and stories), often tending to ironic, expressive or absurd endeavours. I hope to be able to make things converge, and this website is meant to be a witness in the whole process. Of course, I don’t feel nor want to be alone in this path, and that is why I’m always open to new perspectives and ideas for collaborative projects. If you happen to have something in mind, please don’t be afraid to write me and tell me all about it. I’m always happy to chat and dream about reconfiguring the world as we know it.

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