Sound and Music

I’ve been doing a lot of music for the past two decades, but I still don’t know my “kind” of music, as I tend to listen to and enjoy any musical genre that happens to sound around me. I pursued a rather traditional education as a composer, but I tried a lot of different things, either for commercial, artistic, personal or, usually, mixed reasons. Thats is why this website portrays such a diverse musical universe, from contemporary concert music to EDM, passing by pop songs, concrete compositions, experimental recordings and soundscapes. In an effort to provide some guidelines to visitors, I separated my work with sound in four boxes:

Concert music – works that are inscribed in a more standard, score-based music culture.

Musical productions – pieces composed and produced via Digital Audio Workstation, usually mixing up different genres.

Soundtracks – music made for video, scene and videogames.

Concrete music/soundscapes – compositions and experimantations based on audio recordings, most of them captured during my sound walks for different places. Also, some performances with other artists.