Comissions, scores and teaching

Customized, one-to-one relation with Bruno. Services offered here are thought as human, dialogic, cared about.

I’ve being creating and teaching music for decades now. That experience led me to mold a very personal way of relation towards work and people. Above all, I believe in the power of conversation, reflection and care, as opposed to the values of “market” standards. Therefore, by choosing to contact me for more information or requests, you can expect to receive a direct and personal treatment, without merchandising.


I create music and sound design for any media, working with scores, production and/or recording. If you need music for events or audiovisual products, and if you need mixing, mastering or audio repairing services, you can count on me.


Most of my music is registered in scores. Those can be purchased in pdf format through direct contact. Here you can access the catalogue of available works.


I teach musical composition online, mixing individual and group classes (portuguese, spanish and english). Here you can get to know more about classes and prices. Recently, I’ve been registering my ideas about composition as practice through videos and texts in spanish. Those can be found in my YouTube channel and in a specific Facebook page called Juego de Sonidos.

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